Wilshire Auditorium

Our medium sized facility is a modified thrust theatre located on the campus of the Wilshire School of Continuing Education, adjacent to Fullerton College. The extended thrust provides an intimate connection to the audience area, while the full stage space can be used to accommodate larger productions. The Wilshire Auditorium houses full lighting capabilities with superb, natural acoustics for vocal performance while the sound system can handle many mixing duties.

Facility Details:

  • Audience Capacity: 405 seats
  • Lobby: 1,500 sq. ft.
  • Stage Dimensions: 26 ft. wide by 31 ft. deep
  • Proscenium Dimensions: 25 ft. wide by 14 ft. tall
  • Mens and Womens Restrooms: Located inside lobby.
  • Ground Plans: Stage

Supporting Facilities:

These additional areas around the Wilshire Auditorium may help round out the needs of your performers and audience. Each are subject to availability and/or additional charges.

  • Box Office: One walk-up window.
  • North Open Area: 20,000 square feet of exterior open area.
  • South Courtyard: 1,300 square feet courtyard with fixed benches and tables.

Standard Theatre Equipment:

The following items included in the "Standard Equipment Package" of $125 per day.

  • Yamaha TF3 24 channels
  • ETC Express 48/96 lighting console with 24 channels.

Premier Theatre Equipment:

The following items are available at an additional cost. See terms & rate schedule for more information.

  • 1 - Strong Super Trouper Spotlight (Additional Staff Required)
  • 1 - Petrof 8 ft. Grand Piano
  • 1 - Christie High Definition Projector LW41
  • 5 - Four-step Choral Risers
  • 6 - Wenger Classic Acoustical Shells
  • 1 - 15 ft. by 15 ft. Front Projection Screen

Staffing Requirements:

The following are the minimum staff needed to support an event in this facility. Labor rates vary per hour. See terms & rate schedule for more information.

  • Technical Director
  • Audio Technician
  • Lighting Technician
  • Backstage Technician
  • Lobby Coordinator (required for events with an audience)

Virtual Tours:

These tours offer a 360 degree panoramic view of several key areas associated with the facility. Click on an image below and a popup will open, then grab and drag the image to view the area in all directions.


North Open Area

Over 4,000 sq. ft. provides an excellent area for an audience to wait. Tables can be easily added to serve food and beverages.

South Courtyard

1,300 square feet courtyard located directly south of the audience area. Includes several permanent tables and benches.


With visible access from Lemon St, the auditorium entrance area provides approximately 1,000 square feet.
Audience Area


Lobby ties the audiences areas surrounding the theatre. It provides room for two folding tables.
Stage Area

Audience Area

Upstage of the main curtain provides a performance area 45 feet wide by 32 feet deep.
Stage Area

Stage Area

Upstage of the main curtain provides a performance area 45 feet wide by 32 feet deep.

What are the costs involved?

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